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“Every beating heart will confess that once, at least once in their lifetime they were in love.”

The collection of poems in this book talks about an emotion so strong that it has the potential to create and destroy! Love in all its capacity has that aura around it; it needs to be felt and when it resides in your soul you find it giving rise to feelings never experienced before. There is passion and tenderness when being together, estrangement and pain when two souls are apart and then there is joy and relief when bound together again. The 37 poems in this book talk about this amazing feeling called love!

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You will regret not reading this one for your "Love"

I always believed there is "Magic in words"... i have grown up by reading and dreaming about stories and characters from books. But poems are something with which i tick very rarely. When i read Myraid Hues i was like woow.. these poems are so so deep and real. I just loved it reading over and over again so many different topics and emotions.

Kaleidoscope.. this is something which is Mesmerizing.. Love.. Separation.. Reunion.. Pain.. all these emotions which everyone has felt more than once .. will take you in your thoughts and memories with every poem. All those emotions will make you relive something which is present or may be past for someone and shock you by the experiences of Joy.. sadness.. pain.. excitement.. Love.. those are the changing colors of Love.. you get while reading the poems..

This is one Specialty I found in Rachna Gupta's writings.. they are not her poems they are everyone's.. you just read it and it is as much yours as it is hers and everyone Else's. This is a rare quality of writing which personally i admire.. A must read poetry for all.. as everyone loved once at the least.. Cheers..!!

- Anand (from Amazon.in)

Loved the book

The simplicity with which complex emotions are expressed, its just brilliant. Wish I had the talent to pen down emotions the way I feel them. All have experienced the intricacy of love; namely passion, excitement, anger, anxiety, despair etc. Though the poet says that its her observation about love "as seen through my eyes and felt in my heart!" while reading this book I could actually relate to so many of those emotions described.

I sincerely recommend this book to all irrespective of their age and stage of life. A "must read" and as a book lover and collector this book is worth keeping....

- Tamanna Naik (from Amazon.in)

KALEIDOSCOPE is riveting and mesmerizing poems' bouquet

- Vishal Bheeroo

Rachna Gupta's new anthology "Kaleidoscope - The Changing Colors of Love" receives rave reviews

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Myriad Hues

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Myriad Hues Cover

First of Rachna's creations in a paperback and E-book format; 'Myriad Hues' offers readers a poetic marvel that's woven with lucid verses. Topics delved are real and sentences are short making it easy to understand and envelope the readers in its impressive flow. Providing just the right amount of matter for thought, these creations are perceptions that every individual can relate to and yet possesses a distinct passion to it. Some stimulated by an emotional outflow and some with pain for muse; the book reflects her love for nature, nurturing and caring for it and the omnipresent God and her encounters and conversations with Him.

An expressive synopsis of Rachna’s admiration for Nature and God; 'Myriad Hues' is one of the several creations she intends to gift her readers.

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Definitely Read
There was a time when poetry did not interest me. Not a scrap. I guess I had a lot of time in my hands back then, and therefore could read the volumes of novels, or I was not mentally grown up yet to understand the words of the poets. In fact, the one poem that I could recite completely by the time I completed by tenth grade was 'Agneepath'.

Even today, I have had minimal exposure to poetry, and there are few poems that I can sit through. In fact, I have had conversations with my peers and colleagues about how I am not very hot for poetry - a good five years ago. Today, with a changed lifestyle and I guess more mental maturity, I can understand the emotion that poetry succeeds in emanating, something that is at par with prose, if not more. At around the same time, I get news that an ex colleague of mine has her first book released! I guess I had the aforementioned conversation with her, and it comes as a pleasant surprise that she finally got a chance to get her name in print – even after all the eBooks and the sites and stuff, our name printed on paper is as impressive as it as a decade ago.

Myriad Hues, as the name suggests, does tackle a myriad of issues. It takes on God, love, death, crime, family, and everything in between, and tastefully so. There's so much emotion and stories in this compilation that it compels one to stand and stop and think about life and other intricate matters. Diligently thought about and carefully worded, each poem could well be a long abandoned thought of human beings, those who are hassled and busied by their day to day life.

Read this one, definitely. - Roy Daniel D'Silva (FlipKart.com)

Great book with colours of life

While waiting for the book I was thinking of how could it be. Once I receive it I started reading it at once, then I realized this book is not to read and finish. It contains the feeling, emotion and experience. Few of the poems are taken me back to old days and few of the poems relates me to present. Great book.

- Mallikarjun (FlipKart.com)

Must Read

Went through myriad emotions with sadness, happiness and even shed tears. A good book!

- Siddharth Bansal (FlipKart.com)

From the Author's Heart to the Readers

It cannot be rated any less because the way it appeals to ones heart. Its about Nature, Trees, Hills, School, Childhood, Love, Fear, Wishful thinking, Darkness, Excitement, Meaning, Loneliness.. A quest to find and understand oneself.. society.. or misfits of the society.. know your feelings..emotions.. in a way Life.. its about Life to which everyone could relate. The beauty of the writing i feel is that there would be no one who wouldn't relate to some if not all of it. all of the writings..which are really beautiful. I'm really happy i came by this book, got a real insight again into my deepest n darkest emotions..

- Anand (Amazon.in)

A unique book, light enjoyable read. (3.5/5)

- Madhuri Verma (GoodReads.com)

Nice well written poetry. It truly touches your heart and emotions

- Akshat (GoodReads.com)

The Unbreakable You

Myriad Hues Cover

“From strength to strength I go,
Nothing can stop me,
My heart may break into a million pieces,
But my soul will forever be strong!”

Each one of us is born with an innate ability to face life's challenges. We may falter, we may fall, but ultimately we survive and come out strong. "Strange Connections" is one of my stories that has been selected for an anthology titled "The Unbreakable You." The story is about a woman who comes to terms with her situation and finds happiness and strength in people around her and in the process spreads happiness to others!

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